fecha: 26 aUGUST - 1 septEMBER, 2024

Chakrafullness Retreat

In the mood for a different kind of holiday? This is your chance to transcend your blockages, connect with who you truly are and give yourself the well-deserved break time you've been wanting for a long time.

I will accompany you to transform your life in just 7 days!

Lorena Molinero, Retreat Facilitator


Why attend the 7 Days, 7 Chakras retreat at our Barcelona Energy Centre?

  1. Total renewal: A 7-day spiritual retreat like this one will allow you to disconnect from the daily routine, incorporate positive habits easily, immerse yourself in a calm and revitalising environment. It will also help you to get away from the addictions you avoid in your day-to-day life: binge eating, alcohol or tobacco, social media, compulsive shopping, etc.
  2. Authentic connection with new people: By participating in this retreat, you will have the opportunity to meet like-minded people from different parts of the world. You will share experiences, knowledge and connections that would enrich your life in unexpected ways.
  3. Holistic health care: During the retreat, you will receive expert attention and guidance to care for your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. From yoga and meditation practices to wellness workshops and holistic therapies, you will have access to a wide range of tools to enhance your holistic well-being.
  4. Chakra exploration: chakras are energy centres in the human body that influence our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. In a retreat like this, you will learn how to bring them into balance in a practical and simple way, to achieve a state of harmony and wholeness in your life.
  5. Self-knowledge and transformation: Through practices, introspection exercises, body movement, group dynamics, conscious breathing, good nutrition, rest, high vibrational coexistence and all that you will have the opportunity to experience, you will deepen your self-knowledge and explore parts of yourself that you may not know about now. By understanding and balancing your chakras, you will be able to release emotional blockages and reach a higher level of authenticity and self-realisation.
  6. Inspiration and empowerment: Participating in the 7 Days, 7 Chakras retreat can be a deeply transformative experience that inspires you to live your life with greater awareness and purpose. By connecting with your inner self and learning practical tools for self-care, you will feel more empowered to make choices that move you closer to the life you want to live.

In a few words, attending this chakra retreat in Barcelona is a unique

opportunity to disconnect from external noise, connect with your own inner silence, meet new people, take care of your holistic health while having fun.

A HERE and NOW experience that can change your life forever!

Who is this retreat for?

  • People who are looking for total rest and renewal, away from the stress and demands of everyday life.
  • People who want to meet new people and make meaningful connections with like-minded interests.
  • People willing to live unforgettable experiences, with sharing, learning and lots of fun, far from dogmas and masks.
  • People who do not believe in old patterns of superiority or guru idolatry and are committed to horizontal evolutionary links.
  • Those who wish to take care of their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health through holistic practices and tools.
  • Those who are interested in exploring and understanding the Chakras, and discovering how to balance them IN PRACTICE to improve their well-being.
  • Souls who wish to deepen their self-knowledge, release emotional blockages and transform their life from the inside out.
  • People seeking inspiration, empowerment and a push towards a more conscious and authentic life.

Retreat programme 7 days, 7 Chakras

The programme is indicative and we will have many things out of the agenda that will surely arise according to the energy of the group and how we feel. We also work on letting go of control and flowing with the circumstances to balance our 2nd Chakra. Don't hold on to anything and let yourself be!

  • Day 1
  • Day 2
  • Day 3
  • Day 4
  • Day 5
  • Day 6
  • Day 7
First day, first Chakra

Mulhadhara Chakra - Root Chakra 

For today, you can expect a lot of grounding, a lot of embrace your body, a

lot of matter. In an intensive but practical way, you will give understanding to something that will accompany you for the next few days. Each chakra we work on will be integrated in the following days. We will never treat them in isolation, although during the retreat, we will dedicate one day especially to each of the 7 Chakras. Therefore, what you learn on the first day, you'll develop in yourself to incorporate it fully into your life.

What will you find on your first day of retreat?

  • Lots of connection with nature
  • Physical practices to connect with the body in a fun way and yoga practice
  • Learning and enjoying healthy eating
  • Breathing exercises to activate the parasympathetic system and lower your stress
  • Dynamics that will lead you to feel grounded and totally safe
  • Keys to an abundant financial life
  • Self-awareness practices, family clan healing and dynamics to belong in peace


We will try to reduce distortions and interferences from the outside. During the practices and exercises, no visitors or mobile phone use is allowed (except in justified cases).

The food will be vegetarian. There will be no meat or fish on our table. We will all make healthy eating possible and you will have an approach to fasting.

Timetables will be important. We will get up early, we will try to follow the programme as much as possible and we will not allow delays or interruptions in the middle of the practices.

There will be no alcoholic beverages or psychotropic substances during this retreat. If you are a smoker, you will have the possibility to leave the premises during rest times or in between the practices.

Some testimonials from participants...


"I have enjoyed so much in the retreat,

 learning from nature, from my companions, from myself and my emotions, and from Lorena, a being of light that has crossed my path to illuminate it a little bit more. Thank you for so much".

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"Magic and deep connection from the first minute. Everything envelops you, everything lifts you up and everything becomes Peace. Thanks a million Lorena for making all that magic possible.You are Light" 🙏💫✨”

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"Having lived the 2nd Wild Retreat has been a wonderful gift. Opening our senses and sharpening them to connect with our inner/outer selves and with nature, was one of the kindest, most sincere and loving moments I have ever experienced. Thank you Lorena for your simplicity and magic".

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You already have it clear! This retreat is for you, you deserve something like this. YOU WANT A HOLIDAY LIKE THIS!

Check Out

Where you will be 

The Chakrafullness Energy Centre where you will be staying is the first of many that will be spread all over the planet. Concentrating in one place everything that a space for healing and transformation needs: Spaces for your yoga practice, meditation, massage, grounding, chi kung and much more. A place with a totally personalised feng shui studio where you will feel at home. It has a fantastic wooded

garden with lawn and a swimming pool area to make the most of your stay. The rooms are shared, so that you don't stop making good memories and a really strong and authentic group spirit is created. We cook together, eat together and grow together, in a real Chakrafullness style.

entrada casa chakrafullness
retiro chakrafullness
casa chakrafullness
cocina chakrafullness

This retreat is

a taste ofChakrafullness

As we do in the training of the Chakrafullness method, during these 7 days you will have the opportunity to go through Chakra by Chakra to work on it in theory, practice and experimentation.

What if after this initiation you want to join the Chakrafullness family? Of course, you will receive a discount for having bet on yourself by attending the retreat.

Your guide will be...

Lorena Molinero

Trained as a life coach, she is a mentor, yoga teacher, meditation facilitator, mindfulness, expert in emotional management, NLP, laughter therapy, reiki usui, akashic records and life-long existence student. Author of the book "Awaken your Inner Goddess" and "Viajemorfosis". Creator of the Chakrafullness® method, promoter of the expansion of consciousness and soul behind a Youtube channel with more than 250.000 subscribers.

She has been accompanying people in their inner growth for more than 9 years, through 1to1 sessions, in-person trainings and workshops, conferences and national and international retreats.

Currently, she is dedicated to the continuous study of personal, professional and spiritual evolution through the Chakras as a guide of the Chakrafullness® movement.

What is the investment??




For bookings from 22 June. Book your place for only €200 now and pay the remaining amount on receipt of the retreat in cash.



For bookings before 22 June.
Book your place for only €200 now and pay the remaining amount on receipt of the withdrawal in cash.

Do you have any questions?

Delfina Claverie

She will help you so that no thread is left loose. You will be able to express all your concerns about this retreat with her during a video call via zoom and she will even walk you through the booking process to make sure you book your place correctly.


7 días, 7 Chakras

Find your Transformation through the Chakras


26th august- 1st september

* Only 11 places available